David Korndörfer

At DAKOSY since 2022

Department: Java software developer for ZODIAK

I like to start my working day with a freshly-brewed coffee. As soon as the PC is booted up and the coffee cup is full, I feel all set for the day.

“I've found my dream job at DAKOSY. I love working as a software developer, I have great colleagues and I learn something new every day.”

David Korndörfer (34) started as a Java developer on the ZODIAK team in January 2022 after a two-year vocational retraining. Due to Corona, the training took place - with the exception of the first week - working from home. He was very impressed that he, as a "Java newbie," was integrated into the world of DAKOSY and its developers with a lot of enthusiasm and willingness from his colleagues to help via Zoom, chats and on the phone. He also likes the fact that the learning and further education never stops, since he can learn something new with every task and every customer ticket and thus gains a deeper insight into the Java world.

Before he altered his career path, he worked at Gebrüder Heinemann, which supplies Duty Free & Travel Value Shops worldwide, in the central warehouse in Hamburg Allermöhe for seven years. One of his tasks there was to declare shipments for various export procedures with customs, which included using the customs software ZODIAK. Therefore, he already knew about the DAKOSY software from the customer's point of view and was able to appreciate it as a user.

One of his favorite free time activities is traveling to countries both near and far. In addition to his travels throughout Europe, he has made several trips to the USA, as well as visits to Japan and the Seychelles. Together with his girlfriend, he has pinpointed New Zealand as his next travel destination. He likes to spend the long winter evenings watching TV series or playing on the games console.