Digitalization of cargo handling at the airport

In January 2024, DAKOSY and Fraport founded the joint venture allivate for the digitalization of air freight processes. Both shareholders hold a 50% stake in the company. The basis of the joint venture is the establishment, operation, and further development of cargo community systems for air freight. The partners endeavor to further advance the digitalization of air cargo processes both at Frankfurt Airport and internationally.

The main goal of the venture is to further expand the jointly-established FAIR@Link Cargo Community System and ensure that customers can handle their processes simply, smoothly, and quickly. More than 1,000 companies involved are thus committed to having Fraport alongside DAKOSY as a reliable partner for the digital infrastructure and, with allivate, a central point of contact on site. More than 1,000 participating companies are thus given the commitment to have Fraport alongside DAKOSY as reliable partners for digital infrastructure and, with allivate, one central point of contact on site.”

Customers benefit from the synergies resulting from the alliance. Fraport contributes comprehensive airport know-how and its function as a neutral link to the local cargo community and the authorities. DAKOSY adds its wide-ranging IT expertise in all aspects of cargo handling and customs clearance as well as many years of experience in the development, operation and technical support of the Cargo Community System - Made in Germany. Innovations and digital solutions can be launched onto market more quickly. The active role of the cargo community in Frankfurt, with which all digital processes along the supply chain are jointly developed, plays an important role here.

6 Advantages of FAIR@Link

FAIR@Link has a modular structure and is adapted to the special requirements of the respective airports and their logistics customers. Depending on individual needs, it can also support customs, security, dangerous goods and SCM processes – and in many cases can even be automated.


Always available and secure


Time-saving automation


Neutral and objective


Fast and efficient handling processes


Simple integration into your own IT systems


EDI / Dashboard / Mobile

Use Cases


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