EMCS for transport of excisable goods

ZODIAK EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) makes it easy to transport excisable goods under duty suspension within the EU. It must be used for the transport of all excise tax products (energy products, spirits and alcohol-containing products, as well as tobacco products) with the exception of coffee and alcopops. With ZODIAK EMCS, the "electronic administrative document" can be used to electronically monitor the shipment on its way through customs.

ZODIAK EMCS supports EU-wide procedures in Germany, UK and in the Netherlands. Additional country certifications can be developed based on customer needs.


Nine advantages

Compliance with all legal customs requirements

Deployable in Germany, UK and in the Netherlands

Up-to-the-minute status information throughout the entire process

Integration of master data

Maintenance and access to code lists

Print function

Available as web and EDI solutions

which can be combined

EDI interface to ATLAS as well as to in-house customer IT systems

Emergency procedures - prepared for all cases

prepared for all cases


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