ImpalaID is the central Identity Provider System (IDP) for logistics

DAKOSY plans to launch a central Identity Provider System (IDP) for logistics within the course of the year. The ultimate goal is to enable logistics providers to create a central ID within the IDP, which can then be used to log on and authenticate users for a wide spectrum of IDP services. This could include everything from a registration for an app solution such as DESTANDO, to a platform such as TRUCKGATE in the Port of Hamburg, or an authentication at the gate or entrance system of a terminal or logistics company. Different authentication levels may be defined within the registration process. A basic query using only an e-mail address and password will be sufficient for certain services, while for more complex processes an identification document such as a driver's license or ID card can also be stored in the system. Together with a Hamburg logistics company as project partner, DAKOSY plans to begin pilot operations of the solution in the near future.


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