News • 26.04.2023

FAIR@Link handover certificate introduced across the board at Frankfurt Airport

With the addition of CHI Aviation Handling GmbH, all major handlers at the site now use this feature

With FAIR@Link, important digitalization successes have been accomplished for the cargo processes at Frankfurt Airport in recent years. Some handling steps have even been eliminated now, such as the manual process that was required in connection with the handover certificate. As of February 9, 2023, with the addition of CHI Aviation Handling GmbH, all major handlers at the site now use this feature.

In general, it is still necessary to bring the handover certificate when picking up a shipment from the handling agents. However, thanks to FAIR@Link, the freight forwarder no longer has to fetch the original document from the handling agent after the shipment has arrived; instead, he prints it out himself upon notification.

Denis Salihovic, Branch Manager at CHI Aviation and responsible for the implementation of the collection orders, explains the process and its benefits for customers as follows: "As soon as the shipments are physically checked in using the scanner at our warehouse and the presentation has been completed live in ATLAS, our customers receive the relevant information and can print out the certificates and schedule the pickups." In addition, Salihovic adds that this has made the process not only more digital, but above all faster. This could mean earlier delivery for most shipments, he notes. And the higher turnaround rate increases overall capacity.

The further digitalization of the handover certificate by FAIR@Link is already in the pipeline. The plan is that the freight forwarder or his driver will no longer need a printed certificate for the pickup, but will be able to identify himself via a QR code or equivalent. CHI Aviation is already looking forward to this new feature and would like to introduce it as soon as possible.

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