Automated Customs processing for TRIXIE pet supplies

DAKOSY press release (Jan. 2020)

Animal lovers all over the world appreciate beautiful, functional and valuable accessories for their pets, because they usually only want the best for their four-legged friends. And also this year some presents for dog, cat & Co. will surely find their way under the Christmas trees. But how does the pet supply actually get to the retailer of our trust?

One supplier with international expertise in this segment is TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. With a range of over 6,500 articles for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and reptiles, it is the European market leader. The articles are imported by sea from the Far East via the Port of Hamburg, warehoused briefly and then shipped to distributors all over the world. The entire logistical handling and supervision is executed from Tarp near the Danish border. The company is well-positioned for mapping logistics processes, especially Customs organization. Since November 2018, TRIXIE has been using the DAKOSY GE logistics application to handle ATLAS import, export and NCTS Customs procedures.

The company is well-positioned for mapping logi-stics processes, especially Customs organization. Since November 2018, TRIXIE has been using the DAKOSY GE logistics application to handle ATLAS import, export and NCTS Customs procedures. Choosing a new Customs software service provi-der became necessary when the previous provider withdrew from ATLAS services. Personal recommen-dations and the high level of name recognition as an ATLAS software provider led the decision-makers to DAKOSY.

“It was important to us that our software partner had a future-oriented, ready-to-integrate solution and could also offer us the security of long-term cooperation. We feel that we’re in good hands with DAKOSY,” explains Helge Kunst, IT Manager at TRIXIE, regarding the decision to choose DAKOSY as their software service provider.

Secure, supportive and time-saving

In the meantime, DAKOSY GE has been in successful use for a year now and the software has been indi-vidually tailored to connect with the internal ERP system. All data in the system that is required for Customs processing is transferred automatically to ZODIAK GE via EDI interfaces.

“We wanted to avoid having to enter data that is already in our system into the Customs software again. Now the employees log on to DAKOSY GE, check their transactions, supplement some data if necessary and send the Customs applications to the ATLAS German Customs system with the push of a button. The feedback from ATLAS is automatically returned to our system so we have it for further logi-stical management,” explains Florian Schmidt, software engineer at TRIXIE, who was responsible for implementing the interface communication.

He finds it particularly advantageous that the automation of the Customs process extends all the way to the receiving of goods at the TRIXIE warehouse in Tarp. This ensures that the sealed truck containers are not opened or unloaded until the warehouse employees have received the ATLAS “Permission to Unload” message.

Inken Thordsen-Kumke, in the Transport Logistics/Customs Processing department at TRIXIE, also likes the daily work with DAKOSY GE: “The software is very user-friendly. The integration of the electronic Customs tariffs makes it virtually impossible to send incorrect declarations. Each commodity code that we transmit is automatically compared to the Cus-toms specifications.”

The Import Message Platform with the functions Auto-IMP and Auto-Depositary Change is also consi-dered to be time- and work-saving. The automated confirmation of Customs applications to ATLAS allows Customs processing to take place promptly after the shipment has been discharged, without the need for manual monitoring.

TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG has been focusing on pets for over 45 years. More than 8,500 specialist trade customers in over 88 countries around the world purchase articles from the Tarp-based company. TRIXIE has more than 480 perma-nent employees and over 100 temporary workers. Fifty sales force members and two merchandizers travel to customers in Germany, Austria, England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.