Swissport implements FAIR@LINK for digitalized management of delivery traffic in Frankfurt

Joined press release DAKOSY and Swissport (Juli 2020)

In November 2020, Swissport will open a new air freight hall at the airport in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The enterprise employs state-of-the-art technology. Inside the hall, an automated system will ensure efficient cargo handling. Swissport is using the digitalized processes of FAIR@Link to manage the access of trucks.

Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH is currently constructing the ultra-modern air freight hall in Frankfurt Cargo City Süd. The freight hall is equipped with the latest technology. Unit load devices are stored and retrieved by an automated material handling system. A large photovoltaic system has been installed on the roof to supply the building with green energy. A secure fence with a centralized entrance and exit area surrounds the entire site. The new hall also sets standards in terms of access control: to guarantee efficient, automated handling of the trucks picking up and delivering, Swissport relies on FAIR@Link’s "slot booking procedure".

"Frankfurt is the most important air freight location in Germany. With the new hall - in airport jargon, FRA544 - we are increasing our storage capacity by about 40 percent," explains Swissport project manager Mirjam Sladkowski. "The space and the location of FRA544 enable us to expand our customer portfolio. We expect freight volume to increase again in the med-term, and with it the number of pick-ups and deliveries. All traffic is to be routed through our central entrance. For this reason, efficient and automated traffic management is of prime importance to us; there should no longer be any trucks waiting either in front of or on the premises. For this reason, we will introduce slot booking via FAIR@Link for all deliveries and pick-ups starting when the system goes into operation in November 2020."

Using FAIR@Link, Swissport receives information about all planned pick-up and delivery trucks at an early stage, allowing them to plan resources accordingly and avoid peaks, as well as to avoid the risk of congestion at check-in counters and ramps. The necessary checks can be carried out in advance, so that only a comparison of target/actual data needs to be made when the drivers arrive with the goods. "It is crucial that all partners involved book their slots via FAIR@Link and adhere to the ground rules. This is the only way we can guarantee fast and streamlined handling processes for all parties involved, since there won’t be many extra parking spaces for waiting trucks, either in front of or behind the barrier," emphasizes Sladkowski.

The procedure for booking slots via FAIR@Link is simple. Before the trucks’ departure, companies reserve time slots in FAIR@Link for their handling and are then processed during those designated slots, without wait time.

Equipped with a QR code and/or pin, which they receive automatically from FAIR@Link along with the slot confirmation, the driver approaches the entrance barrier of the Swissport premises, scans the QR code or enters the PIN - on their tablet, directly from the driver's cab. After an automated check whether the QR code or PIN and the driver's arrival time match the booked slot, the gate opens, the vehicle can drive through and the handling process can begin as planned.

FAIR@Link will soon support two important additional transport operations for Swissport, namely the management of empty containers (ULD = Unit Load Devices) and road feeder services.

Sladkowski is looking forward to the date of commissioning of the new hall in November 2020 with confidence: "The decisive factor for the success and acceptance of the new air freight hall is that all areas are coordinated with each other and form an innovative holistic picture. This includes not only the modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, but also the optimized management of all traffic. The slot booking via FAIR@Link with SMS service allows us increased flexibility in communication with the carriers and, together with the management modules for ULD and road feeder services, overall smooth logistics processes along our entire logistics value chain.”

About Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH 
GmbH is one of the world's leading service providers for air freight logistics and handles everything from general cargo to specialist shipments such as high-value or temperature-sensitive products. Frankfurt is not only the headquarters of Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH, but also the largest cargo location in Germany. The warehouse in Frankfurt has also been certified for pharmaceutical logistics by the CEIV of IATA. Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of Swissport International AG.