DAKOSY launches new platform for Customs clearance of eCommerce shipments

DAKOSY press release (May 2020)

The new DAKOSY platform offers logistics companies simple and flexible assistance with the integration of mass data into their Customs processes. These are particularly labor-intensive in the business of small-scale eCommerce and will become even more time-consuming starting in January 2021, when consignments with a value of less than 22 euros will also become subject to VAT. The time-saving potential is enormous as the consignment data, which often contains more than 100 items, can now be uploaded automatically and no longer needs to be entered manually.

Simon Lembke, Director of Customs Applications at DAKOSY, describes the new development with enthusiasm: "We provide our customers with a digital instrument that offers them a really simple way to interactively speed up their processes. For all types of Customs declarations, for example declarations for free circulation, we provide a profile that defines which fields need to be filled out with what information. Once the customer has uploaded his shipment data - usually in the form of an Excel list – he can define which column is to be assigned to which field in the profile and save that template. Now with a single mouse click, he can create the Customs declaration detailing all items and then, using the ZODIAK GE Customs software, correct and complete it as necessary. Of course, he can use the template over and over again."

The DAKOSY developers have focused on the user-friendliness of the platform, giving the customer a high degree of self-sufficiency. Each customer can create and correct templates independently and re-use these templates for similarly-structured order data and customer situations.

The eCommerce business is growing rapidly and the demand for the new platform is high. Starting next year, all goods from a third-country will be subject to VAT from the first euro onwards. Lembke sees a significant increase in demand for the innovative solution, as it will also allow the new ATLAS procedure ATLAS-IMPOST (import clearance of postal and courier consignments) to be used without additional effort. He therefore recommends all interested customers and logistics specialists to contact DAKOSY to try out the platform soon.