Hellmann Worldwide Logistics relies on DAKOSY for Customs processes

DAKOSY press release (May 2020)

The implementation of the new Customs software ZODIAK GE from DAKOSY ran just as planned at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Within a year of making the decision to transition to DAKOSY, the switch could already be flipped so that all branches throughout Germany are now working with ZODIAK GE.

According to Hans-Peter Grage, Customs Specialist at Hellmann, one of the most important criteria in the decision of which software partner to choose included future technological sustainability as well as confidence in long-term, cooperative further development. The commissioning included ZODIAK GE with all ATLAS Customs procedures, including the Customs warehouse procedure which was introduced in mid-April as part of a key date changeover. Using a stable high-performance interface to Hellmann's in-house forwarding system, the Customs data is transferred digitally to ZODIAK GE and does not have to be repeatedly entered manually. Customs feedback is also electronically returned to the Hellmann system via ZODIAK GE.

"The users are really impressed because the DAKOSY software is very reliable and easy to use," says Stephan Düvel, responsible IT Manager at Hellmann, and continues: "We are more than satisfied with the switch to DAKOSY. We like the functionality and user-friendliness of the software, and the working relationship with DAKOSY is excellent. On the Customs side, we see ourselves well-positioned for the future, especially since in DAKOSY we have a partner who stands for both innovation and continuity in the industry."

About Hellmann Worldwide Logistics:
Since its foundation in 1871, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers. In 2019, the Hellmann Group, with approximately 10,700 employees in 257 branches in 56 countries, achieved revenue of approximately EUR 2.5 billion. Through its partner networks, the company is represented worldwide by nearly 20,500 employees in 489 offices in 173 countries. The range of services includes classic freight forwarding services by truck, rail, air and sea freight, as well as an extensive offering of contract logistics, CEP services, industry and IT solutions.