Providing powerful innovation for ZODIAK GE – Simon Lembke is the new Director of Customs Applications at DAKOSY

DAKOSY press release (May 2020)

In preparation for taking another big technological leap with Customs applications and increasing the alignment of the individual modules more innovatively, the DAKOSY management team has made an influential restructuring move. Simon Lembke is now the new Head of Customs Applications. The 40-year-old is a proven expert in future-oriented technologies and has a broad knowledge of transport and logistics, which he brings along with his experience as Deputy Director of the PCS (Port Communication Services) department.

With this appointment, DAKOSY is futhering the goal of digital transformation in the key area of Customs. Dieter Spark, CEO of DAKOSY AG, explains: "Simon Lembke is the ideal person for this position. He brings a lot of experience with agile development tools and in the establishment of cloud-based solutions. We now want to use this know-how in the Customs area and introduce even more technological advances there."

Lembke held his previous position for over ten years. During this period, he was closely involved in the automation of Customs processes at sea- and airports and the collaborative development of the platforms FAIR@Link and INFr8. Together with the PCS team, he consistently promoted the development of service-oriented architectures: "In PCS, we are increasingly focusing on web technologies because customers expect responsive mobile applications. Today, being able to get information on the status of transactions or trigger pending processes, regardless of time and place, is indispensable. The mobile application option - freely scalable on all end devices - is already standard for platform customers."

As a second focal point, he wants to implement an evolutionary integration of Customs modules into the customer's own IT infrastructure: "We want to wire ZODIAK GE even more deeply into the customer's TMS. The interface will be so user-friendly that the user can switch from their TMS to the corresponding Customs data with a single click or display the data directly in the in-house application."

"DAKOSY wants to assert itself as the technological leader for logistics and continues to offer the industry forward-looking services - especially for Customs. With Simon Lembke in his new role, we are perfectly positioned and can advance the innovative and technological reorientation of ZODIAK GE," says Spark.