Slotbooking / Door Management System (RSS)

The Door Management System (RSS) is a module in FAIR@Link which offers a clear improvement in processing, with to easy-to-plan and transparent handling processes for all pick-up and delivery truckers, freight forwarders and handling agents.

The trucker or forwarder sends a Transport Pre Announcement (TPA) with all essential information (requested time for loading/unloading, AWBs, dangerous goods information, etc.) to the RSS. The system automatically reviews the data according to criteria specified by the handling agents and checks plausibility for ramp availability and capacity. A ramp is assigned for a specific time slot and the trucker/forwarder automatically informed. The handling agent can make corrections manually if necessary.

A slot is booked quickly and easily!


Information about the Door Management System

TPA: standard and professional

TPA helps forwarders and truckers to quickly and easily reserve doors at the airport handling agents for their upcoming loading and unloading processes. This means that the handling agent no longer needs to input data upon the driver’s arrival, but only to match it up. A big time saver!

The free standard package includes all the features necessary to use TPA and slot booking. The fee-based professional package offers a range of additional features that speed up the process and make it more transparent.


FunctionExplanation/Additional InfoStandardProfessional
TPA input + SendConvenient door reservation at FCS, Lufthansa and LUG with intuitive user interfaces.YesYes
Print Collection OrderVerification of the confirmed appointments with the GHA, including booking data and QR code. YesYes
Booking OverviewSmart overview of all recorded operations. Cancellations and changes can be easily managed and sent. YesYes
Capacity indicatorWorkload overview of the doors at GHA.Yes


Multilingual SoftwareCurrently available in German and English, additonal languages planned.YesYes
TrainingVideo tutorial on the website.YesYes
FAIR@Link-App: StandardOverview of your ramp appointment at the GHA. If the appointment changes, this is displayed live in the app.

Support Workdays from 6:00 bis 18:00.YesYes
Support 24/7Round the clock support 24/7.--Yes
Print Pre-DeclarationPrinting of TPA, including shipping data and creation of a PDF document--Yes

Default field values for AWB data

Quicker and easier TPA input with auto-completion of AWB data for import and export (when available).--Yes
Status overviewComplete transparency with live exchange of status information during all stages of handling (TPA sent, appointment confirmed by GHA, driver at desk, start clearance, end clearance).--Yes
StatisticsDetailed and extensive quality statistics for your processes.--Yes
Delivery receiptAvailable sooner.--Yes

FAIR@Link-App: Professional

Mobile customs provision on the road and convenient modification of the existing ramp appointment taking into account the traffic forecast with a single click.--Yes




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