FAIR@Link - the Air Cargo Community System for Frankfurt


FAIR@Link is the neutral Air Cargo Community System at the airport which helps all parties involved in handling processes – especially handling agents, freight forwarders, truckers and airlines – to optimize and speed up their transport and freight processes for both import and export.

Processes for Customs, security, dangerous goods and SCM are also supported – in many cases even automated.

Functions of FAIR@Link

The Transport Pre Announcement (TPA) isthe core of FAIR@Link. Prior to physical transport, the freight forwarder sends the TPA via FAIR@Link to the handling agent at the airport. Thus, the handling agent doesn’t need to manually record the AWB data upon the trucker’s arrival, but only has to match up the freight papers. The TPA also forms the basis for the slot booking.

TheDoor management system (RSS) enables the GHA to develop easy-to-plan and transparent handling processes. The information contained in the TPA (the planned time of loading/unloading, AWBs, dangerous goods identification, etc.) are automatically validated by FAIR@Link and checked for plausibility. A ramp is automatically assigned for a specific time slot and the forwarder/trucker is informed. Of course, the GHA can intervene as necessary to make corrections.

The shipping portal INFr8-eDGD replaces the previous manual and paper-based processes for the exchange of dangerous goods data along the supply chain. By checking the incoming data against dangerous goods regulations, IATA/national and airline regulations, potential errors can be minimized. It also eliminates the need for re-entry of data, which ensures significantly higher data quality.

Modules for the export handling

Using the Forecast function, the forwarding agent transmits the AWB data with additional shipment information to FAIR@ Link. The Forecast forms the basis for the TPA. In addition, the FAIR@Link app can be used to determine geo positions for incoming vehicles and assess whether the vehicle will arrive on time.

If the cargo is marked as “secured” in the TPA, FAIR@Link automatically checks if the RegB is registered in the EU database. Using the driver database, the identification of the driver is made quicker and easier. In addition, the transport company can also file the certificate (Haulier declaration) which allows the trucker to transport secure air freight.

With FAIR@Link, export Customs processes can be largely automated. Customs clearance is initiated by entry into Cargo City Süd or the trucker can initiate the Customs process manually using the FAIR@Link app to indicate his arrival at the Customs Exit Area (geofence).

FAIR@Link supports the entire consolidation process, from the receipt of goods at the forwarder‘s gateway through to delivery of the shipment at the GHA. When the goods are received, a target-actual-comparison can be made by scanning the shipment. Damage is documented via photos, recorded in FAIR@Link and, if appropriate, sent to the forwarder e-file. If the BUP-Manifests, i.e., the blueprints for the MAWB, are also available electronically, the gateway can confirm the completion of the shipment – supplemented by photos – to the freight forwarder.

The FAIR@Link app provides optimal support in Customs clearance and slot booking.

Modules for the import handling

The airlines send flight manifest data (FFM) to FAIR@Link early on, i.e., as soon as the loading has been completed at the departure airport. As a result, all parties have detailed knowledge of the flight status, the cargo and the load structure even before the shipment’s arrival.

With the Forecast, the forwarder sends a list of expected shipments early on in the process, providing the AWB numbers and other information. The AWB number is the key which FAIR@Link uses to establish a link to the related FFM to inform the forwarder of flight status, cargo and load structure prior to arrival. This allows the forwarder to plan and implement the collection much more efficiently. All information can be accessed either via EDI or the Import Dashboard.

With the status message that the aircraft has landed and the shipment has been summarily declared (Summary Declaration) by the GHA, FAIR@Link can initiate the automated printout of the handover certificate and the Change of depositary. The deadline within which the transfer to the new depositary must take place is also taken into account. The automation of these tasks saves both forwarders and handling agents a great deal of time and resources, as additional staff is no longer needed at night or weekends and manual errors are reduced.

FAIR@Link can automate deconsolidation if the data from the House AWBs (HAWB), the Summary Declaration and the details of the Check Manifest all correspond. In the case of discrepancies or if the Check Manifest is only paper-based, the freight forwarder or handling agent can also manually initiate automated deconsolidation by FAIR@Link. Afterwards, the new custody certificate per the HAWB will automatically be sent by e-mail to the authorized party – e.g. the relevant location. This results in considerable time savings in Customs clearance and shorter processing times.

As with other Customs processes (such as the Summary Declaration and Change of depositary), FAIR@Link can automate and considerably speed up import presentation with the Customs application before clearance (ZvG).

Advantages at a glance

  • Standardized and uniform handling processes
  • Reduction of manual data entry, telephone queries and errors
  • Better planning and disposition, with more transparency
  • Consistent use of capacity (avoidance of peaks, more efficient processing)
  • Green Logistics (shorter waiting times = CO2 reduction)
  • Live information along the entire supply chain
  • Quality measurements, illumination of possibilities for improvement, statistics, etc.

Access and usage


With FAIR @ Link, Röhlig Logistics benefits from fast, transparent and almost paperless export processes at Frankfurt Airport.

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