Port Community System

The Port Community System (PCS) for the Port of Hamburg is operated by DAKOSY and is one of the most advanced port IT systems in the world. The digital platforms for import processing Import-Message-Platform (IMP) and export processing Export-Message-Platform (EMP) enable all businesses and authorities involved in cargo handling to perform fast, efficient and largely-automated processes in seaports as well as perfectly integrated intermodal hinterland handling of all modes of transport.

Under the banner of the Port Community System, we offer solutions that support additional processes including Customs export handling (ZAPP-Sea), hazardous goods management (GEGIS), and managing the arrival and departure paths of large ships on the Elbe and in the Port of Hamburg (PRISE) . Our Carrier Services solutions provide corresponding platforms and interfaces which enable such transactions as the booking process with carriers (eBooking), the transmission of container weights to carriers (VGM-Portal), and Europe-wide port registration according to Directive 2010/65/EU (eDeclaration).