With eDeclaration, carriers and vessel declarants can easily fulfil all reporting requirements in accordance with Directive 2010/65/EU when entering and/or departing from EU ports. The messages are recorded electronically in eDeclaration and sent to the National Single Window (NSW). DAKOSY is a certified provider of the German NSW.

eDeclaration is also used by many port authorities. They can use the software to collect and process vessel information from carriers and vessel declarants in the National Single Window. Additional modules have been developed for ports which considerably simplify their work processes. These include a berth management module, a dangerous goods module, a statistics module and an easy way to export documents.

Advantages for carriers / vessel declarants

  • Available as web and EDI solutions, which can be combined.
  • CSV lists, e.g., passenger lists, can be uploaded.
  • Dashboard (events, warnings, additional messages for each Visit ID).
  • On-board solutions: notifications (incl. PAR – Pre-Arrival Report) can be recorded in Excel, converted to a secure XML Format and sent directly from the vessel.
  • Further processing of data recorded on board is possible.

Advantages for port authorities

  • Available as web and EDI solutions, which can be combined.
  • Mobile access via smartphone or tablet.
  • Dangerous goods module.
  • Berth management and statistics modules.
  • Easy to export documents (e.g., waste declarations).