Customs handling for the seaport - ZAPP-Sea

DAKOSY has developed the ZAPP-Sea platform specifically tailored to the Customs export processes of the Port of Hamburg. ZAPP-Sea is connected to the central German Customs system ATLAS-AES, enabling automated, fast and electronic export processing which takes into account all requirements of Customs authorities.

Interaction between ZAPP and ATLAS-AES

The forwarder sends a port order providing the MRN to ZAPP and to the terminal. The GateIn message from the terminal to ZAPP triggers an automated filing with ATLAS. The required data (e.g., which terminal and with which ship the export will occur) is already available as part of the port order. As soon the ATLAS “permission to exit” appears in ZAPP, a so-called Z number is created by ZAPP and sent to all transport participants. This is the signal for the terminal that ship-side loading can take place. Subsequently, the "load on-board" message is sent to ZAPP. This automatically triggers the “confirmation for export” message to ATLAS.

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  1. ZAPP reference due to presentation by HDS
    Assignment of a B-number due to an issuance of notification (HDS). The B numbers are indicated by the number "0" at the 4th digit of the number.
  2. ZAPP reference due to presentation by GM01
    Assignment of a ZAPP reference due to the issuance of notification (GM01). These ZAPP references are indicated by the number '1' at the 4th digit of the number.
  3. ZAPP reference for consolidated cargo containers
    If several ZAPP references have already been issued, a consolidated cargo ZAPP reference can be made. This is important, for example, when processing consolidated cargo containers that are not packaged at the quayside by the carriers. For example, the consolidated cargo ZAPP reference may include a consolidated cargo container with a delivery notice for shipment to the quay. This ZAPP reference is distinguished by the numbers "2", "3" or "7" in the 4th digit of the number. The consolidated cargo ZAPP reference will be assigned a Z number if at least one Z number has already been assigned. In the case when all ZAPP references numbers are Z numbers, the consolidated cargo container is also given a Z number. A B-number will be assigned if the consolidated cargo container is made up only of B-numbers.
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Z: presentation to AES

B: all others operations


3date e.g.: 17 for 2017
440 if presentation via HDS (B-, S- and Z-No)
1 if presentation via GM01 (B-, S- and Z-No)
2 GM01 consol container (B-, S- and Z-No)
3 conventional consol (B-, S- and Z-No)
4 free
5 EUB (Destination in EU, only B-No)
6 reserved for BHT transfer (only B-No)
7 HDS consol container (B-, S- und Z-Nr)
8 not available
9 free
M Common agricultural products (only B- and Z-No)
V excisable goods (only B-No)
D presentation of transshipments via IMP, (only B- and S-No)
511currrent number
1212Checkdigit>nach ISO Modulus 11

The valid B, S or Z numbers given in ZAPP are considered as releases for loading. All shipments in the port system can be registered and receive a B-, S- or Z-number depending on the registration. For containers, carriers/agents may use the following indicators instead of the ZAPP references:

L (empty container)
An empty container, possibly also with packaging (for example, containers with empty fish boxes, containers with garment-hanging equipment, uncleaned tank containers).