ICS - Import Control System for Europe

With the ZODIAK ICS/ECS solution, you can easily handle ICS, the Import Control System in most of all participating EU countries. Following this procedure is mandatory to import goods into the EU. An electronic filing of the entry summary declaration must be transmitted to Customs authorities no later than when the goods reach the Customs borders of the EU for the first time. With the help of this data, Customs carries out a risk analysis in order to be able to adopt first measures (such as loading bans or inspections) which are part of the security measures of the EU.

We offer two ways to use this solution, either web-based or with the EDI platform. Both make  the complete ICS process easy, helping you with entry summary declarations, change messages, redirection messages, arrival notifications and more. In some countries, we also work with qualified local partners. This does not result in any changed processes for our customers.

Advantages at a glance

  • Certified for most of all participating EU countries.
  • Available as web and EDI solutions, which can be combined.
  • Illustration of the complete process (entry summary declarations, change messages, redirection messages, and arrival notifications).
  • Convenient features in the EDI Platform: integration into in-house systems, storage of messages, log books, clear error messages.
  • Convenient features in the web app: up-to-the-minute status monitoring, search and filter functions, and more.


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