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CargoSoft Enterprise Condition Management (ECM)

Our solution for Enterprise Condition Management – also known as Rate Management - makes creating reliable quote and contract structures easier by compiling transparent and concise rate management. The core of the application is the homogenisation of the often complex costs of logistics services and the clear presentation of all information.

With the help of CargoSoft ECM, you can compare rates and corridors more easily and prepare quotations quickly and reliably. Costs, cost trends and the basis for calculations can be compared transparently for individual corridors. The selection of preferred service providers is made easier, calculations are supported and your negotiating position with those service providers is strengthened. By assigning individual user rights to functions of rates and contracts, all users involved in the process can receive global access to data which is relevant to them.

Functions at a glance

  • Intelligent support in worldwide rate management
  • Overview of all rates and contracts per service provider, source/target relations (locations, countries, regions)
  • Searches made easy through use of filters
  • Contract management and administration (including freight rate components)
  • Support for rate guarantee management
  • Evaluation/comparison of corridors
  • Warning messages when components of rates are about to expire (alerts, emails)
  • Simple data acquisition and upload to Excel