- the digital exchange platform for empty containers

The platform's customers include packing centers, forwarders, importers and exporters and, of course, container shipping companies. The goal is to reduce transports of empty containers and to save time and money for everyone. Traditionally, packers or forwarders have brought their import containers to an empty container depot after unpacking. The containers remain there until they are needed by other logistics companies for their export processes. The process with is much more streamlined.

The packing centers offers its unpacked import container as an available empty container online via the platform for a certain period of time. If another logistics provider reserves the container within the specified time frame, the container can be transported directly to the next user without an intermediate stop at the empty container depot - provided, of course, that the carrier has agreed to the exchange process via the platform. A successful transaction saves at least one empty container transport, namely that to the depot. It is even more advantageous for so-called "re-use" if import containers that have become available are reused directly for export by the same company. The physical transport is thereby completely eliminated and the customer reaps the savings.

DAKOSY began operation the platform in July 2018 as the successor to the "Virtual Depot", which had been operated by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) for the Port of Hamburg since 2016. DAKOSY plans to quickly integrate the platform into the Import and Export Platforms (IMP and EMP) for the Port of Hamburg and provide EDI interfaces which will enable customers to significantly improve the process of reusing empty containers. In future, the platform will function throughout Europe and will not be limited to the port and surrounding areas.


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