UNIKAT GE helps forwarders, rail operators and container operators to electronically handle their own transports or commission container rail transports to their service providers in the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Rotterdam.

Of course, complete hinterland container shipments can also be handled with UNIKAT GE. You can easily organize all modes of transport for your shipments, e.g., when the main transport takes place by rail with truck pre- and on-carriage.

UNIKAT GE can be used either as a stand-alone application or can be integrated into the customer's own in-house system – as a kind of universal interface adapter. This means that you need only the interface with UNIKAT GE to access all connected service providers and hubs. This adapter function can also be fully automated so that users work exclusively within their own systems.

UNIKAT GE uses the latest version of the AC03 interface, which is one of the leading standards for seaport-hinterland communication in Germany and throughout Europe.

Functions of UNIKAT GE

Receiving customer orders and orders from your own in-house system, UNIKAT GE offers you transparent tracking of order changes. The orders can be dispatched in the form of service orders and forwarded electronically to individual service providers. Status information can also be electronically received from the service providers in UNIKAT GE and sent on to their in-house systems as needed.

As a part of the DAKOSY GE product family, you can use UNIKAT GE to directly access our ZODIAK GE Customs module and can thus create a Customs declaration directly from the order data. This process can also be automated.

Import information first-hand - in UNIKAT GE you can directly access status information from the Hamburg Import Message Platform (IMP). You can start a query manually or run one automatically in the background. You always have the latest status information about your containers available at your fingertips.

The rail hubs in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam require a completely electronic synchronization of the complex loading and unloading processes. This is easy with UNIKAT GE - the hubs are directly interfaced to UNIKAT GE. This means that you have full transparency for your rail transports at all times, without having to work with the individual local hub systems.

Track assignment, rail car order, train master data and timetables, capacities and load factors as well as container loading dispositions are just some of the functions offered by UNIKAT GE and can be used for the organization of rail transports.

With UNIKAT GE you can exchange orders for the loading and unloading of vessels electronically - e.g., directly with the port.

All functions in UNIKAT GE can be automated by defining workflows. The automation can be implemented right through to the complete black-box solution. This saves your employees valuable time.

Advantages at a glance

  • Data exchange for all modes of transport, i.e., with interfaces to rail operators, container operators, truckers, inland waterway carriers and other service providers along the intermodal transport chain
  • Electronic order and status communication with your customers and service providers
  • Disposition of service orders
  • Connections to rail hubs in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam
  • Container loading disposition (default loading destination for the loading terminal) 
  • Train timetables and capacities
  • Rail car and train master data
  • Customs handling with directly-linked Customs module ZODIAK GE
  • Dangerous goods verification with the dangerous goods information system GEGIS
  • Order interface to many rail operators
  • Integrated import status information from IMP
  • Workflows can be fully automated
  • Orders for loading and unloading of inland waterway vessels