Truck handling with UNIKAT GE Truck

UNIKAT GE Truck helps truckers and trucking companies with efficient handling of transports at the seaport container terminals and depots in Hamburg.

The new terminal requirements - including electronic pre-declaration of transports and slot bookings – are fully supported.

You need to make a Customs warehouse depository change in Hamburg? This process can be fully automated with UNIKAT GE!

The organization and execution of container transports in the seaports makes up the day-to-day work of the dispatchers at large carriers. In order to be able to plan efficiently, they need precise status information. With UNIKAT GE Truck, they can handle the disposition and release processes with the terminals as well as Customs processing electronically. Each transport order is recorded in UNIKAT GE Truck and sent to the terminals. Up-to-the-minute status information from the terminals is returned immediately. Information is also provided about any problems in the pre-declarations, e.g., incorrect container details or missing clearances.

Advantages at a glance

  • Web app includes all functions for dispatchers of fleets
  • All status information at a glance
  • All container terminals in the port of Hamburg: CTA, CTB, CTT and EUK
  • Connection to empty container depots
  • Integrated support of slot bookings in Hamburg
  • Connection to the ATLAS Customs system through ZODIAK GE
  • Fast and easy scenario-oriented data entry
  • Automated change of depository. Can also be used for terminals which do not participate in electronic pre-declaration
  • Interface with IMP
  • Smartphone app for individual drivers and for dispatchers to communicate tours to drivers
  • Multiple languages: German, English, Danish, Czech and Polish