The VGM Portal by DAKOSY – international and cost-efficient


Using the VGM portal, globally-operating shipping companies and forwarders can communicate all required information about verified gross container weights. The portal includes an EDI platform and a web application. [more...]

Best grades for Port of Hamburg IT

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) recently put 13 port communication systems to the test in a wide-ranging analysis. Among these was Hamburg’s DAKOSY AG. The findings were summarized in the Port Community Systems Benchmark Survey... [more]

Successful launch of the cargo community system at Europe´s largest cargo airport

Promptly on January 1, 2015, FAIR@Link officially started live operation at Frankfurt Airport. The first participants are companies that were involved in the development and test operation during the pilot phase... [more]

DAKOSY is member of IPCSA

IPCSA gives Port Community Systems a common lobbying position at the European Union. IPCSA’s mission: ‘To influence public policy in the European Union level in order to achieve e-logistics throughout all European ports, operating as a key element of the EU maritime, shipping and logistics industry [visit IPCSA...]

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Cargo Handling at Frankfurt Airport Going Increasingly Digital

(Joint Press Release DAKOSY and Fraport (March 14, 2016)

The Air Cargo News Interview: fileadmin/user_upload/Unternehmen/Presse/2015/AirCargoNews-062015.pdf

A predictable solution

(Air Cargo News 15. Juli 2015)

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