DAKOSY, the Port Community System for the Port of Hamburg

In Hamburg, the third largest container port in Europe, around 7,000 container ships and more than 8.5 million TEU are handled annually. In recent years, the worldwide increase in ship dimensions has led to more and more container ships with volumes greater than 18,000 TEU calling at the Port of Hamburg. This means that thousands of containers have to be handled in short time slots. For this to work quickly and smoothly, the pre- and on-carriage of containers by the intermodal transporters for rail, feeder, barge and truck must be organized in a timely, orderly and efficient manner. This demands a future-oriented digital cargo-related exchange of information between the parties involved and the authorities. The Port of Hamburg has the Port Community System (PCS), developed and operated by DAKOSY since 1982. With more than 2,000 connected enterprises and authorities, it is one of the world's most advanced digital port community platforms.

Four pillars of the Port Community System

Our PCS has four parts: Port Call, Import, Hinterland and Export, which cover all the use cases we offer for the Port of Hamburg.

DAKOSY from a stakeholder‘s viewpoint

COO/Member-Manangement Board, HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik Aktiengesellschaft

Jens Hansen

„DAKOSY's PCS supports us in process optimization. Due to the increasing number of mega-ships, we handle thousands of containers at a fast pace. For this we need absolute data transparency, long before the ship arrives in the port.“

Managing Director, CMA CGM Deutschland GmbH

Peter Wolf

„PCS provides us with high transparency and efficiency. From a ship's arrival to its departure, PCS provides an automated exchange of information with all logistics partners and authorities and supports us in providing efficient services to our customers.“

Managing Director Germany Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co) KG

Holger Ketz

„We offer our customers the highest degree of reliability, speed and transparency. Intelligent platforms such as DAKOSY's PCS support us in meeting these demands every day.“

Advantages of PCS

PCS speeds up movements along the supply chains that course through the port of Hamburg. With its four main areas of port call, import, hinterland and export, it enables all companies and authorities to benefit from fast and transparent handling processes.

Neutral and objective

Trusted third-party

High integration and connectivity

Equal access for all enterprises

By the industry for the industry

Round-table development
Simple processes through standardization

Always available and secure

In-house and redundant data centers in Germany
24x7 operations and support

Real-time status management

Push, pull or event-triggered
Distribution one to one, one to n, one to any

Time-saving automation

Automated customs and logistics processes

Maximum transparency

Early detection of disruptions
Optimization of capacity utilization


Avoidance of unnecessary trips
Minimized CO2 footprint