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Frankfurt Airport: DAKOSY and Fraport Simplify Vehicle Slot Reservations at Cargo City South

Joined press release DAKOSY and Fraport (Febr. 2022)

++ Intelligent networking of automatic license plate detection with the FAIR@Link cargo community platform ++ Time savings for all customers who book slots ++

The DAKOSY software company has worked with Fraport AG to digitally network the FAIR@Link cargo community platform with the Click-2-drive automatic license plate detection system. The result: starting immediately, the barriers at Gates 31 and 32 of Frankfurt Airport’s CargoCity South will automatically open for vehicles that have a confirmed time slot in the FAIR@Link system for loading or unloading at one of the forwarders operating there.

The new interface delivers major time savings for forwarders and truckers who take advantage of the FAIR@Link slot booking system. When booking a slot, they provide all of the information needed for Click-2-drive. Fraport installed the Click-2-drive automatic license plate detection system at gates 31 and 32 last year. Now, when a registered vehicle drives up to the entrance barrier the system not only scans its license plate but also queries FAIR@Link to see if there is a corresponding slot booking. If so, the barrier opens to let the vehicle through. In case the license plate number isn’t recognized or the driver isn’t using the vehicle specified when booking the slot, they can scan the QR code received when registering to gain admission.

Dirk Gladiator, who heads DAKOSY’s FAIR@Link department, sees a major time saving for the huge number of trucks that use gates 31 and 32 to access FRA’s CargoCity South every day. “More than 700 companies are already regularly using FAIR@Link to book slots with the large handling agents at the site. With the upcoming integration of the last large forwarder, FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH, nearly 100% of delivery vehicles will be using the slot booking system. By networking both systems, we can save time while boosting efficiency.”

Max Philipp Conrady, VP for Cargo Development at Fraport, regards this successful combination of infrastructure and processing as the first milestone in introducing adaptive dynamic traffic control at Frankfurt Airport: “By networking both systems, we have succeeded in implementing a faster, leaner process for managing all delivery traffic. We intend to continue applying this approach going forward. The next step will be to integrate booking of truck parking spaces at CargoCity South into the system. The goal is for our customers to benefit from secure, freely flowing traffic.”

Gladiator adds: “FAIR@Link also lets us monitor in real time whether slots actually free up as scheduled. If there are delays, we could digitally inform drivers when they arrive and direct them to one of Fraport’s truck parking spaces to wait until they can be unloaded.”

About Fraport AG and Frankfurt Airport

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Fraport AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange, MDAX) is one of the leading players in the global airport business. Fraport’s portfolio of companies spans four continents with activities at 31 airports worldwide. In pre-pandemic 2019, more than 182 million passengers used airports in which Fraport has at least a 50 percent stake. Impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Fraport’s majority-owned Group airports welcomed only about 86 million passengers in 2021. In fiscal year 2019 (Dec. 31), Fraport AG generated revenue of €3.7 billion and profit of some €454 million. Revenue reached €1.7 billion, while profit decreased to minus €690.4 million in fiscal 2020.

Fraport’s home-base Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is strategically located in the heart of Europe at the junction of vital intermodal road, rail and air networks. The surrounding Frankfurt Rhine-Main-Neckar region serves as an economic powerhouse and logistics hub for Europe and the world. In 2019, FRA welcomed more than 70.5 million passengers and handled 2.1 million metric tons of cargo. Only 24.8 million passengers traveled through FRA in 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Cargo volumes reached an all-time record of some 2.3 million metric tons in 2021.

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