The new container status information function for the seaports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven has now been activated

DAKOSY press release (August 2023)

In time for the deadline - August 15, 2023 – all current loading and delivery data as well as the most important status information on the progress of customs processes for containers in the seaports in Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven can now be accessed via the "German Ports" platform.

“German Ports” is a joint project of DAKOSYAG and dbhLogistics IT AG and combines a wealth of data which was formerly managed by the two service providers using separate platforms (BIP, IMP). Status information is without charge, and registration is not required. Des Weiteren pilotieren die Projektpartner unter dem gemeinsamen Label derzeit auch den der vollständig digitalisierten Freistellungsprozess, der bislang in den drei Seehäfen noch auf klassischem Weg über Fax, E-Mail oder Telefon zwischen den Beteiligten abgewickelt wird.

In addition, the project partners with the shared label are currently running a pilot project for the fully digitalized release process, which has so far been handled in the three seaports in the traditional way via fax, e-mail or telephone calls between the parties involved.

The free status updates and all essential information on the digitalized release process are available at the website



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