DAKOSY 40 years young

Together we are the future, because ...

we can laugh together, even in difficult situations. 

Data Center Manager Niels Martens (56) and his department ensure that all systems and applications at DAKOSY run smoothly around the clock. To achieve this, he believes it is essential to trust his colleagues. Equally crucial, he says, is open and honest communication about technical issues. Decisions are made jointly, confirms Simon Nimmerjahn (31), who took over as head of the Linux team in April 2021. He sees it as encouraging that Niels doesn't put all the pressure on him and his colleagues in stressful situations. Simon earned a master's degree in IT security and a bachelor's degree in business informatics in 2021. The department benefits from his knowledge of new technologies, Niels confirms. Of course, not every idea can be implemented, but there are always innovations that enable particularly the newer colleagues to build novel and practical solutions for DAKOSY. In this way, the "older" colleagues can benefit from the knowledge of the "younger" ones and vice versa. Both are sure that this will continue. The data center is therefore well-positioned for the challenges of the years ahead.