Employee story

Oliver Wirbs

At DAKOSY since April 1, 2021

Department: Projektmanager bei PCS (FAIR@Link)

My workday begins with Coffee. Always. I need it to start the day with power and drive.

Since the beginning of September, Oliver Wirbs has been part of the FAIR@Link air freight team as project manager. Previously, he worked for two and a half years in the customs department - starting as a project manager there in 2021 - and guided and assisted many customers through the implementation of the ZODIAK GE customs software. The customers and partners in our cargo community platform FAIR@Link will benefit from the internal changeover because, on one hand, Oliver has great customs and IT expertise and, on the other hand, he lives in Hochheim am Main and thus in close proximity to Frankfurt Airport. In recent weeks, he has been able to meet many customers and partners in person at the airport and is very pleased that he can again communicate face to face. Until now, he had worked for DAKOSY exclusively from his home. Of course, this will remain the case for the most part, as the day-to-day coordination with the air freight team and other colleagues in Hamburg takes place via Zoom or telephone.

The graduate industrial merchant acquired extensive customs-related and technical expertise with his previous employers. After completing his training, he worked in the IT department of a large facility operator in Hesse and, among other things, trained customers for the software conversion to SAP. Before joining DAKOSY, he worked for a customs software provider for 15 years, where he was responsible for sales and project management. The impetus to join DAKOSY came from a friend in his table tennis league who had heard that DAKOSY was looking for suitable employees in the Frankfurt area.

In his free time, Oliver still enjoys playing table tennis. His great passion, however, is exploring new cities, which he does together - usually for long weekends - with his partner. When planning their trips, the two of them take their inspiration from what's on offer at the moment in terms of culture and/or sport. Their last short getaway was to Stuttgart, where they enjoyed seeing the musicals "Tina Turner" and "Dance of the Vampires." Also rock concerts, such as Bruce Springsteen in Hockenheim and Peter Gabriel in Frankfurt, were on the agenda this year.