GEGIS - Dangerous goods information system

The dangerous goods information system GEGIS is operated by DAKOSY on behalf of the City of Hamburg specifically for the safety and monitoring of dangerous goods transports in the port. It provides the water police and fire brigade with an accurate and timely overview of all dangerous goods movements to, from and within the port area.

In accordance with applicable maritime safety regulations, companies involved in dangerous goods handling (terminals and carriers/brokers) must electronically report all dangerous goods movements to GEGIS. GEGIS offers an EDI platform and a web application. The EDI platform enables integration of the EDIFACT interface into existing in-house systems. The messages can also be easily recorded and transmitted via the web application. The GEGIS application simultaneously fulfils the arrival conditions regulations of the German central reporting office in Cuxhaven. Via the interface to Protect, you can also send messages to the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Felixstowe and Le Havre.

Additional functions

Regulatory and materials databases

A wide range of regulations and special requirements must be observed when dealing with dangerous goods. As a result, various materials and regulatory databases are integrated into GEGIS which provide customers and authorities with comprehensive information and assistance to protect against damage.

The materials data modules provide information about the assessment of risk for accidents, first aid, and correct conduct in the event of an accident. The regulations provide information on the transport and handling of dangerous goods by means of classification, labelling, material properties and packing regulations for each mode of transport.

Stowage & Segregation

The regulations for Stowage & Segregation provide comprehensive information regarding the applicable codes for stowage and segregation of goods.

Customers can retrieve all stowage and segregation requirements for any type of dangerous goods. Additionally, the application will check – with graphic display - which dangerous goods can be put in a container together and when regulations for segregation are applicable.


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