With the status app DESTANDO you get complete transparency about your truck transports

With DESTANDO, customers can exchange order data and all relevant tour status information with transport companies and/or truck drivers. The exchange of information is limited to the essentials - i.e., only what is necessary to complete the tour from the sender to the final recipient. Since this can change for each individual tour, it can be specified beforehand which data the driver needs for the tour and which information the customer will receive back.

Before the tour begins, the customer - whether shipping company, forwarding agent, container operator or trucking company - enters the necessary information into the system and immediately receives a tour reference in the form of a web link and a QR code. They can then send this tour reference to the trucking company or driver, who immediately has all the data relevant to the tour. The status information returned via the app includes pick-up, arrival and break times as well as photos showing the condition of the goods or possible damage.

The app is simple and clear for drivers to use. The next step in the transport process is displayed and the current status only needs to be confirmed with one click.

Especially convenient for UNIKAT GE users!

There is a direct connection to UNIKAT GE. You can send the most important information about the tour directly from UNIKAT GE to your driver's smartphone and receive live status information back via the app during the tour. You have complete transparency for your port tours - and without additional data entry in UNIKAT GE.

How does it work ?

Your drivers (including third-party drivers) download the app onto their smartphone and register for free using their email address. When you or your dispatcher assign a tour to a DESTANDO driver in UNIKAT GE, the driver automatically sees it on their smartphone. While the tour is being processed, the next step of the tour is displayed in the DESTANDO app and the driver only needs to click and confirm. If the driver also enables the location function, you can view the current position of your tour on a map in UNIKAT GE.

The DESTANDO-App looks like:



Complete transparency

for seamless tracking of truck transports

Reduced to the essentials

Share only important information with the drivers

For any truck transport

Container and general cargo

Combinable with UNIKAT GE Truck

Direct exchange of tour and status information between driver and UNIKAT GE

Free in the app store

for all Android- or iOS phones 

Easy to use

The next anticipated step is displayed and only needs to be confirmed with one click


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