EMP 4.0 - Export Management Platform

EMP 4.0 – the Export Management Platform 4.0 is an internet-based cloud solution that enables holistic, digitalized and integrated handling of export processes. By linking all process participants along the transport chain, existing local platforms and applications as well as numerous bilateral coordination processes are all bundled into a single system.

The transparent availability of all transport-related data and its round-the-clock accessibility at a central location for all parties involved in the process allows a high degree of planning security as well as more efficient transport processing, making it faster and more cost-effective. The platform was developed in cooperation with a group of market players and therefore represents a broad spectrum of practical use cases.

The project duration of EMP 4.0 ran until 31 March 2021. The results of the research project will be successively made available to export participants for use under the mantle of the Export Management Platform EMP Vista.

User and Use Cases