DAKOSY 40 years young

Together we are the future, because ...

we enjoy our work and always communicate with each other as equals.

Selen Caca (31) has been on board as a Java developer for exactly two years and feels right at home in the freight forwarding applications department despite the long Covid-related period of working from home. A major factor has been her department head, Patricia Ameis (58), who right from the start has shown her a great deal of recognition and trust in the tasks assigned to her. This was a completely new management style for her, Selen explains. From the very beginning, she wanted to work on projects directly with the customers, and Patricia made this happen. Patricia, for her part, likes the fact that Selen is very hungry for knowledge, works in a well-structured manner, likes to take on responsibility and enjoys her daily tasks. That's why she recommended Selen for the talent management group, in which young talent is specially nurtured at DAKOSY. In addition, Patricia wants to give Selen her own first customer project soon and in doing so, also entrust her with more responsibility. In all respects, the two are a super team because they get along very well and because Patricia likes to share her knowledge with younger colleagues. Selen, in turn, appreciates Patricia's leadership qualities and is eager to learn a lot from her.