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Our services and applications for customs handling

ZODIAK GE supports forwarders, customs declarants and international trading companies with their customs clearance procedures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ZODIAK GE is the follow-up to the ZODIAK Classic software.

ZODIAK Classic offers the benefits of long-established customs software. More recently, there has also been the option to use ZODIAK GE, a more advanced and functionally comprehensive version.

ZODIAK EMCS focuses on the transport of excisable goods within the EU under duty suspension.

ZODIAK customs Warehouse supports the temporary storage of untaxed and duty-unpaid goods. All public and private customs warehouses can be managed for both simplified and normal procedures.

Forwarders and handling agents can monitor the customs status of their air freight shipments in ZAPP-Air and exchange messages (e.g. diversion, exit confirmation, GateIn).