Employee story

Alexander Ranninger

At DAKOSY since October 1, 2018

Department: Trainer in the training department

I always start my working day with reading my e-mails and tickets at 6:30 a.m. on the dot. With the customer training sessions I start at 9:30 a.m., because that way I can still bring my children to the school bus or daycare center in the morning when it’s necessary.

Alexander Ranninger (33) is a trainer with a passion. After graduating from high school, he studied English and history to become a teacher in the public school system, but before taking his first state examination, he switched to logistics and began his training as a freight forwarding agent at DB Schenker in Hamburg in 2003. He was then hired by the Air Freight Export division and became more and more enthusiastic about air freight logistics. In 2008, he was given the opportunity to relocate to DB Schenker's national branch office in Mexico City, working as a Systems Integration Manager there. One of his tasks was to train colleagues on the use of the central freight forwarding system in Latin America, including Guatemala, Brazil and Peru. During this time he met his future wife, whom he married in Mexico City in 2013. In 2016, the two of them decided to move to Germany together with their son, who had been born in the meantime, to be near the child’s father, who lives in Uelzen. Since no equivalent position was available at DB Schenker, he switched to DHL. This is where he first came into contact with DAKOSY, as a user. When he received an offer to start in the training department at DAKOSY in 2018, it was an immediate fit for him, as he was eager to work as a trainer again - as he had done in Mexico - and share his knowledge of software and technical topics.

At DAKOSY, in addition to his initial training, he underwent four months of specialized customs instruction at night school, which he successfully completed as a "certified customs declarant." Since then, he has been training new and existing customers nearly every day on how to handle customs and forwarding with ZODIAK GE /DAKOSY GE. During the Corona pandemic, Alexander got to know and love the advantages of working from home. More than 90% of the training seminars now take place online, and he can do this just as well, if not better, from home than at the office. On his home office days, he can also take care of his son and his daughter, who was born in 2018, early in the morning and directly after work, which he greatly enjoys. Therefore, for him - in his family situation - the work-life balance works out perfectly. Once a year, the whole family flies to Mexico to spend their summer vacation there.