Employee story

Christian Ackermann

At DAKOSY since June 1, 2019

Department: Senior Account Manager at DAKOSY Sales Office South

My workday begins with taking the kids to school and daycare. Afterwards, I make myself a coffee in the office and read my emails.

"I love DAKOSY, my colleagues and the daily interactions with customers."

Christian Ackermann (40) has been serving customers in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland from his base in Aach in the district of Constance for the past four years. Originally from Magdeburg, he studied in Hamburg after graduating from high school, trained as a merchant in both the wholesale and foreign trade sectors, and then took on a sales position selling software for digital tachographs at a Hamburg-based company.

At the beginning of 2017, he moved with his family from the Hanseatic metropolis to the idyllic small town of Aach in Hegau, on Lake Constance - a major change after more than 14 years in Hamburg. That's why he was all the more pleased when he started working for the Hamburg-based company in mid-2019, enabling him to come back to "Germany's most beautiful city" more often. In DAKOSY, Christian has found his second love, family and an outstanding employer. He was impressed by the fact that DAKOSY was very supportive during the pandemic and helped employees through the difficult time with the provision of free masks, vaccination offers, air purifiers and similar measures. He also appreciates the flexible working hours, generous home office arrangements and many other benefits, such as the JOB RAD. In short, the work-life balance is perfect for him – particularly in his current family situation as the father of two small children with a newly built house.

Natürlich gefällt ihm auch sein Arbeitsalltag, das heißt der tägliche Umgang mit den Kunden in der DACH-Region und ihren unterschiedlichen Anforderungen. Auch ist das Produktportfolio von DAKOSY sehr umfangreich und entwickelt sich permanent weiter. Das findet er gut. Denn dadurch kann er sich in täglichen Zoom-Meetings mit den Kolleg:innen austauschen und Neues hinzulernen. Nicht so gut gefällt ihm die räumliche Entfernung und dass man sich nicht spontan zu Afterwork-Events treffen kann. In diesem Jahr gibt es aber zwei Firmen-Highlights, auf die er sich wirklich freut, gerade nach der Coronazeit. Vom 9. – 12 Mai findet in München die Messe „transport und logistic“ statt. Bei dieser Messe ist DAKOSY traditionell als Aussteller vertreten, so dass er dort viele Kolleg:innen und Kunden treffen kann und Anfang Juli ist er natürlich beim DAKOSY-internen Sommerfest mit dabei.

Of course, he also enjoys his day-to-day activities, i.e. communicating with customers in the German-speaking region and attending to their various needs on a daily basis. DAKOSY's product portfolio is also very comprehensive and is constantly evolving. He considers that to be a good thing. It allows him to exchange ideas with his colleagues in daily Zoom meetings and continue to learn new things. What he's not so fond of is the physical distance and the fact that you can't meet spontaneously for after-work social activities. This year, however, there are two company highlights he is really looking forward to, especially after the pandemic. From May 9 - 12, the "transport und logistic" trade fair will take place in Munich. At this event DAKOSY is traditionally represented as an exhibitor, so he will be able to meet many colleagues and customers there. And at the beginning of July he will of course be attending DAKOSY's internal summer party.