Slot booking in the Port of Hamburg

The capacity of container ships handled in the port of Hamburg has been steadily increasing in recent years. The more cargo a ship transports, the more truck calls need to be coordinated at the terminal. To improve advance planning in the increased volume in traffic and to avoid bottlenecks in handling, slot booking was introduced in the Port of Hamburg in 2017. By allocating time slots, terminals avoid handling peaks and can distribute the arrival of trucks more evenly throughout the day.

The use of the platform is compulsory for all container pick-ups and deliveries at the HHLA and Eurogate container terminals, as well as at three additional container depots and the veterinary and import offices. Approximately 10,000 truck movements are coordinated daily. Thus, traffic jams at the entrances to the terminals are largely a thing of the past in Hamburg.

Faster pick-up and delivery processing with slot booking!


  • Ideal for seaports, inland ports and multi-modal terminals
  • Greater efficiency and transparency of availability for your resources
  • Reduced coordination effort
  • Shorter waiting times at terminal entrances
  • Overview of the current booking situation
  • Easy integration into your own in-house IT system


Benefits for:

Truckers / Forwarders

  • Dispatch within the slot time (+/- 30 min.) 
  • Better planning and disposition possibilities
  • High transparency due to the terminal capacity utilizsation display
  • Simple integration of the slot booking procedure into your own in-house IT system
  • More than 20 external software solutions available, e.g. UNIKAT GE Truck
  • Support (24x7)


  • Avoids peak-time overloads
  • More efficient disposition
  • Faster dispatching
  • Flexible allocation of resources
  • Avoidance of wait times and traffic jams at the terminal entrance
  • Standardized and uniform processes
  • Support (24x7)


  • Optimizes planning for truck routes
  • More efficient use of existing infrastructure through avoidance of peak time overloads
  • Increased attraction for the location




How slot booking works in the Port of Hamburg

FA handling time (slot) must always be booked at the terminal for every container transport subject to mandatory pre-announcement. A valid slot booking is needed before a truck can be processed at the terminal. Slots can be booked up to three working days in advance. If there are still handling capacities available at the requested transport time, a slot can be booked immediately. If there are no more slots available at the requested time, a different time window must be selected. The system automatically offers the next available time window before and after the desired time window as an alternative.

Truck drivers and haulage companies can view the current capacity utilisation at the terminal at

The three golden rules for the slot-booking process

  • Never arrive at the terminal without a slot booking or if your arrival time differs greatly from your booked slot (see Priority 3).
  • Always endeavour to arrive at the terminal within the booked time window (see Priority 1). A truck can only be processed within the extended leeway period (see Priority 2) if the situation at the terminal allows it.
  • Cancel or rebook your slot as soon as you realise you won’t be able to make it for your booked time window. In any case before the start of the time window! This is the only way to enable the terminals to plan realistically and offer available capacities to everyone as best they can.

All further information about slot booking can be found here:



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