I like to start my working day with a breakfast rich in vitamins, usually a breakfast bowl.

Jarek Chmielewski, First Level Support employee

"At DAKOSY, appreciation, recognition and good opportunities for further education define the corporate culture."  

Jarek Chmielewski (born in 1993) started in First Level Support as a Specialist for Forwarding and Logistics Services at DAKOSY in 2017. With his specialist knowledge and his structured and solution-oriented approach to working, he was able to quickly familiarize himself with the various subject areas of the 16-member support team. In particular, it is the versatility of the programs and the constant technological enhancements which make his work so exciting for him. In addition to the customer inquiries that come in by e-mail or telephone, his tasks also include the constant monitoring of the systems.

He sees the flexible and mobile work in the 24x7 service team as particularly big advantages, as well as the prospects for additional training and development.  As a participant in the talent management program that was recently launched for the second time, he will receive targeted further development and support over the next two years.

In his free time, Jarek likes to go to the gym to find the right balance to the tasks at his desk. When the weather is nice, he also likes cycling along the Baltic Sea coast, which is not far from his home in Travem√ľnde. He is also a big fan of the Formula 1 auto racing, which he enjoys watching live or on TV.