Import Management Platform

IMP supports the requirements of carriers, terminals, freight forwarders, transport companies, importers and the relevant authorities to operate as a Single Window environment. It allows for the electronic and mostly-automated exchange of information and thus speeds up import processing to make it more effective.

For each import process on the disposition and the manifest, IMP creates a data pool that is repackaged for each process step (declarations to authorities, transport processing, etc.). Current status information is continuously updated and helps improve planning and scheduling options for all participants. Bottlenecks can be identified early on and can largely be avoided.

Six advantages

Available as a web solution and as a neutral EDI Platform.

The manifest triggers all authority registrations for the carrier.

The disposition provides the freight forwarder with status information.

Benefit from automated customs processes and changes of custodian with AutoIMP.

Better disposition for truckers with status information on the container’s readiness for pick-up.

Optimization for terminals to schedule pick-ups for transport companies


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