Testimonial • 26.04.2023

Expertise and commitment together in partnership

Successful software conversion at TISA using ZODIAK GE for customs clearance in the entire German-speaking region

Goods that are transported between Switzerland and Austria or Germany have to be declared at customs when crossing the border. For TISA, a family-operated Swiss freight forwarding company whose services include movement of goods within the EU, particularly Austria and Germany, this previously meant that employees had to work with three different software programs for customs processing. As a result, data had to be re-entered in the respective software for each country where the goods were exported and imported. The process was prone to errors and took substantially more time.

About TISA, the personable freight forwarder

TISA is a family-operated freight forwarding company founded in 1990 in St. Margrethen, Switzerland. With over 110 highly skilled employees in Switzerland, Austria and Germany a total of 9 locations, the company generates a turnover of approx. 57 million CHF.

TISA focuses on freight forwarding services in the areas of transport, customs and logistics. The company offers its customers highly personalized and flexible service with tailor-made forwarding services and exacting quality standards. In the customs sector, a complete all-inclusive service package is offered. This is why TISA has also implemented the transnational customs software ZODIAK GE. TISA is headed by Dr. Michaela Adami-Schrott as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. She is assisted by Markus Schrott as COO and Brigitte Adami as CFO. The TISA success story continues...


Dr. Michaela Adami-Schrott (CEO), Günther Adami (Honorary President TISA, deceased 2020), Brigitte Adami (CFO) und DI Markus Schrott (COO)

A single solution for three countries

With the introduction of DAKOSY's customs software ZODIAK GE, TISA can now handle the formalities for all three countries using a single interface. "The ability to handle customs processing in all three countries with a single software solution immediately appealed to us. With ZODIAK GE, we can generate import documentation for Germany or Austria from an export process leaving Switzerland and vice versa. This is an enormous reduction in workload, saves valuable time and eliminates a frequent source of errors," confirms Stephanie Erbsmehl, Head of Customs Processes at TISA. The task was to propose potential software providers for the replacement of the Swiss customs solution and to guide the selection process. The final choice of ZODIAK GE combined with the replacement of the three formerly-used customs software products was made quickly. "For us, flexibility, quality and tailor-made customer services are of the highest priority. We can only achieve this with well-trained and committed employees and an exceptional IT infrastructure which combines high potential for automation. DAKOSY has a very good reputation as a software company, ZODIAK GE perfectly meets our specific needs and we immediately had good working chemistry as well," explain the TISA decision makers Dr. Michela Adami (CEO) and Markus Schrott (COO) about their decision in favor of ZODIAK GE.

"The ability to handle customs processing in all three countries with a single software solution immediately appealed to us."

Stephanie Erbsmehl, Head of Customs Processes at TISA

Tight-knit project planning and implementation

Directly after DAKOSY was commissioned, detailed project planning took place in which a step-by-step and country-specific rollout was agreed upon – starting with Germany, then Switzerland, and finally Austria. In addition to its customs and software specialists, DAKOSY also brought in its own project management team, which fine-tuned the process via regular online meetings and feedback rounds. The order of the countries was designed to start with Germany because no individual adjustments or programming were required in this case. Thus, for the introduction of ZODIAK GE Germany on September 1, 2022, the only thing that had to be implemented was the BOX interface for the automated data transfer from TISA's own IT system. For the introduction of ZODIAK GE Switzerland on November 1, 2022, some individual adjustments and developments also needed to be added.

"In August 2022, I traveled to Hamburg for a weekend training workshop together with 10 customs professionals from the various branch offices. The instruction for the operation of customs procedures in Germany and Switzerland was very good and, of course, the trip to Hamburg was also a great team event as a whole. All in all, we felt totally prepared and were greatly relieved after the first go-live that everything went so smoothly and harmoniously," praises Stephanie Erbsmehl.

The rollout for ZODIAK GE Austria took place quite recently, on March 6, 2023. TISA wanted comprehensive, specially customized developments, as the logistics provider was already using highly-automated processes in this country also for interactions with their customers.

For Markus Schrott, the fact that it was only possible to start with customs imports to Austria on the deadline date represents a satisfactory interim solution. He explains: "Our traditional bread-and-butter is border transactions with Austria, including customs clearance. We have long-term partnerships with many customers and there are very high demands in terms of speed, transparency and flexibility, which must be reflected in the software. We’re glad that we can now use ZODIAK GE for imports and are confident that the rollout will soon be successfully completed." Michaela Adami-Schrott supplements: "The partnership between DAKOSY and TISA feels really solid. It's not only the software that impresses us, but also the DAKOSY team, their support and expertise as well as their commitment to the software implementation in the three countries. We have seen that DAKOSY shares our company’s same philosophy, based on the three pillars of customer service, quality and flexibility. So we’re happy to share our Austria-specific customs know-how with DAKOSY and, in return, benefit from a solution tailored to our needs."

Perfect logistics services are as complex as building a new house. That's why TISA sees itself as an "architect" for tailor-made logistics solutions oriented to the customer's needs.

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